I am a registered nurse, retired from school nursing with 20 years experience.  I have seen all sorts of neb masks, spacers, aero chambers, peak flow meters, etc but never anything like the Oxyphone. I think this should be really effective for frightened combative and even non-compliant patients, and their parents. 

… you and I both know, a crying gasping, combative, feverish toddler will not cooperate to get that med in by a mask or spacer in an efficient manner.

…As a professional and an adult, I know the mask is there to provide help quickly, but when all you want is to breathe, something tight on your face is really scary. So the Oxyphone should work well.      (P, RN) 

My husband and I  initially started using the Oxyphone on our identical twins when they were 7 months old.  The Oxyphone dramatically changed their breathing treatments.  Prior to using the Oxyphone, our twins fought and cried throughout the entire breathing treatment process.  It was a struggle to get the necessary medicine in them, and we rarely completed a full treatment.  The moment we began using the oxyphone, our boys completely relaxed.  They listened to music through the phone earpiece and suddenly they eagerly held this instrument close to their face, so they could hear the music.  What a relief this was for me as a parent!!  It was truly instant for us; our breathing treatment process went from awful to wonderful.  Our twins are now 2 years old, and we still exclusively use the oxyphone.  It is easy to hold, it administers the medicine faster than any other piece we've used, and the children find it completely unintimidating. (Oct 2010, from a doctor and his wife)  
Love it!!!! Have used it multiple times on kids and it is amazing how they will listen to the music while getting nebs without realizing they are actually getting medicine. Thanks Dr. Corey for creating this great product--now people lets get the word out on how easy this makes our job.  (Margaret P. , Peds RN and MICU Nurse)

I worked in the ER and the Oxyphone was successful on every child I tried it on. They (the kids) are less threatened by this than a typical nebulizer. Thanks Dr. Corey for making an ER nurse's job a little easier!!  ( Cathy C.: ER Nurse)

 "I would like to commend you on your product! My son Lucas used it in the ER ...and has been asking for it ever since. It made a big difference in the quality of treatment he received and also made it easier on me. So thanks again for the outstanding job that you have done ........ THANKS AGAIN"  Jerod and Lucas

"The Oxyphone has been a lifesaver. We went from our child physically fighting to do a treatment, to our child begging us to do a treatment."    Amy C.

"My child loves the Oxyphone! I used to have difficulty getting her to finish her neb treatments, but now, she loves to take them with the Oxyphone! It's the best invention for kids with asthma I've ever seen!"  Kim T. (RN)

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