The Song

Many kids like The Oxyphone Song© heard on the battery powered version of the Oxyphone®.  If you would like to download it as an MP3 file to use with your home version,  contact us and we will send you the file.  The file is about 2 Megabytes, and download speed depends on your connection.

The Oxyphone Song© was written by Craig Corey.  Melissa Corey sings and plays the flute. Our good friends Susan Bennett and Rick Hinkle play the background music.  Rick and Susan edited and recorded the work at their studio in Atlanta, GA. Visit or

The Oxyphone Song© is copyrighted by Singing Arrow, LLC, who authorizes you to utilize it for your child's enjoyment. You may copy it for your child's personal use, but commercial use without the express consent of Singing Arrow, LLC is prohibited.  For commercial use, please contact us (see Contact page).

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